Part Time Parenting? This Might Actually Work…

Part Time Parenting? This Might Actually Work…

‘So basically you’re resigning as a mum?’ my 18 year old said when I outlined my plan to move out two days a week in an effort to finish Book 2.
‘No way,’ I said, ‘I’m just going part-time.’

Why did no one tell me about the joys of writing out of the house?
Day one at my friend’s quiet, calm oasis of house (just a dignified Ridgeback who flops by your feet as you type) – word count five times higher than usual, spirits a thousand times.

And then there’s the no wifi thing, a conscious decision.
Recently I read an interview with Lisa Jewell who said working from home was like trying to write a novel in the middle of a department store.
I so concur.

My go-to procrastination method is to have DHL lorries colliding in my driveway.
‘I think I’m having a nervous breakdown,’ my husband confided having done two school runs and one impromptu trip to the station while on a conference call.
‘Don’t hurry back. The 10 year old is having a water fight in the garden, the 18 year olds have got the decks out and our daughter is about to arrive home with three friends for a sleepover.’

No wonder it took almost a decade to finish Book 1.